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Gastrointestinal symptoms are among the leading causes of morbidity in both the developed and developing world, and P&G Health Science Institute scientists have explored ways to improve gastrointestinal health for more than two decades.

Research in this area has helped lead to new treatment for ulcers and traveler's diarrhea; explored the role of bismuth subsalicylate in treating children's diarrhea; explored the role of psyllium, a type of soluble fiber, in lowering blood cholesterol and managing diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome; and, demonstration that a new class of powerful medications, proton pump inhibitors, can be used safely and effectively to treat frequent heartburn symptoms in OTC use. Frequent heartburn affects more than 40 million Americans and this promising research is poised to make a dramatic intervention to improve people's lives.

As part of the P&G committment to improving the lives of the world's consumers, they continually collaborate with some of the world's top thought leaders regarding emerging scientific discoveries that may one day make their way into products that provide new digestive health solutions. Check out some of the new data from these collaborative efforts.