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Cold and Flu Sufferers
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Cold and Flu Patients

Cold and Flu Patients

RSC is working to evaluate existing and new technologies for the prevention and intervention of cold and flu symptoms. The nature of this work requires assessing efficacy of a product used and to understand the needs of cold and flu sufferers.

RSC has developed a number of different methodologies which range from controlled clinical trials to discussions with cold and flu sufferers.

Cold Sufferers: Emotional Sates

Using in-depth projection methodologies to define the emotional state of cold sufferers - sick state vs health Sate.

Cold Sufferers: Beliefs regarding the causes of the common cold

It is important to understand the habits, practises and beleifs of cold and flu sufferers regarding the different causes of colds and flu. The majority of cold and flu sufferers in Western Europe and US believe that colds are caused by viruses while the majority of cold sufferers in Brazil and Indonesia think colds are caused by environmental conditions.

Cold Sufferers: Treatments of the Common Cold

It is important to understand the habits and practises of cold and flu sufferers in terms of common cold and flu treatments: cold and flu sufferers adjust their lifestyle and behaviours from the early stages of a cold. This typically includes resting more and reducing the amount of vigorous activities. Home remedies are also usually used first before taking OTC treatments. OTC products are widely used in Western Europe and US and less prevalent in Brazil and Indonesia where home remedies are more popular.