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RSC works to provide medicine that can meet all these needs. The Vicks range of therapeutic products offers relief for all the major signs and symptoms of common colds.

Alongside headaches and digestive problems, the common cold is one of the three conditions most commonly treated by self-medication. Current treatments focus on addressing the main needs of common cold sufferers in treating their most bothersome symptoms.

OTC remedies that alleviate discomfort are the best treatment.

Cold sufferers want two main things:

  1. maximum relief and
  2. fast relief

The most bothersome symptoms of common cold are nasal congestion, coughs, sore throats and headaches.

  • Light sneezing at the start of the week gradually clearing towards the end
  • few reported headache theoughout the course of the week.
  • Many complained of a sore throat on day gradually easiing as the week progressed
  • 20% complained about a runny nose on day 2, this was then reported less as the week progressed
  • Many complained of a cough toward the end of the week
  • Nearly found that they experienced nasal congestion on days 3 and 4gradually easing towards the end of the week