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Global Brand
The Vicks Saga


Vicks started as a family company 99 years ago and in 2005 Vicks will celebrate its centenary! Vaporub was developed even before the Vicks Company was formed and its history dates back to 1890 (6 years before Aspirin!)

Vicks product historical chronology:

In 1905 the success-story of Vicks begun. See the most important milestones of Vicks brand development.

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Vaporub History

Vaporub was launched in 1894 as Vicks Corp and Pneumonia Salve for babies by Lunsford Richardson in North Carolina. After 110 years, Vicks Vaporub has become a global brand and is sold in more than 50 countries around the world. Vaporub was 100 years old in 1990 and to celebrated this anniversary the Respriatory Science Centre issued a timeline showing its history: