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Global Brand
The Vicks Saga

The Vicks Saga

What makes Vicks so special?

  • An exceptionally trusted brand - generations and generations of cold sufferers have used it for almost 100 years.
  • Recognised all around the world - Vicks is available in more than 66 countries and in all 5 continents.
  • Vicks range of therapeutic products offers relief for all the major signs and symptoms of the common cold.
  • Constant innovation to utilise the latest development in science - RSC works to provide medicine that can meet cold sufferers needs.

How the Vicks range helps to address the main needs of cold sufferers: The most bothersome symptoms and the "quality" of relief.

  • The two most bothersome symptoms to cold sufferers are coughs and nasal congestion. The Vicks answers to these symptoms are: F44 Dry Cough, F44 Chesty Cough and Sinex.
  • About 80% of common cold and flu sufferers have more than one symptom. Vicks provide a range of product with multisymptom relief: Vicks DayMed, Vicks Medinite, Vicks Flu Action, Vick Dayquil, Vicks Nyquil.
link: more information about SMP system link: more information about SMP system

COUGH TREATMENT: Vicks Cough Syrup

Vicks cough table


Cold Sufferers claim this to be one of the most bothersome symptoms of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Restricted breathing creates anxiety and panic - asthma attacks - and so requires effective, fast relief.

MULTISYMPTOM RELIEF: Vicks DayMed, Vicks Medinite, Vicks Flu Action, Vick Dayquil, Vicks Nyquil

80% of cold and flu sufferers experience more than one cold symptom. The most bothersome symptoms at are runny/blocked nose, cough and pain.

Several symptoms occur together on most days of the cold episode.

Most cold sufferers report having pain and nasal congestion symptoms on all days during the cold episode.

COLD INTERVENTION: Vicks First Defense
(First Defense is only available in Germany, Austria and Italy)

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